European Open 2013 Announced!

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The Natural Selection 2 competitive scene is remarkable. It is player run, player driven, player focused. And it makes a bang that belies the fact that Natural Selection 2 is not the size of DoTA2, CoD, SC2, or TF2. It’s time for the next big bang. and Unknown Worlds, in association with Multiplay, are pleased to announce the 2013 European Open!

Natural Selection 2

This tournament is open to all European Union teams, and will begin on the 29th of June. There is space for sixteen teams. Four of those spaces will be taken by teams invited by The grand final will be played live on stage at Insomnia49, the biggest gaming festival in the United Kingdom.

Unknown Worlds is buying stage time at Insomnia, and providing international flights and accommodation to the two grand finalist teams. UWE will also provide the first $200 of a prize pool for the winning team. You can contribute to the prize pool by donating to it here.

For every $, €, £, or any other amount you donate, UWE will match your contribution. So if you contribute £20, UWE will also contribute £20, for a total of £40. The bigger we all make the prize pool, the more attention the event will get, and the stronger the future of competitive NS2 will be!

But wait, it gets better. The grand final will be streamed live from Insomnia, and during the stream, UWE will reveal Biodome – The stunning new map that is coming in the next content patch. Strayan and BlindNS will be casting live.

Sign up for the tournament here:
Contribute to the prize pool here:
Download high resolution announcement poster here:


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