Euro Open 2013 Fundraising Update: WOW!

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After just four days, and with nine weeks to go until the event, the European Open 2013 prize pool has crossed the $1,000 threshold and hit $1,530! This is fantastic news, and a huge thank you is owed to everyone who has contributed. Special thanks to Malcolm ‘BlitzThose’ Grant, who contributed $300 all by himself! Den Fox, and an anonymous user also each contributed $50.

Natural Selection 2 Prize

Screenshot of the GoFundMe page for the prize pool

Unknown Worlds will continue to match your contributions $-for-$, £-for-£, €-for-€. You can contribute at, and every amount you contribute goes to the players. The grand final match will be broadcast live on August 24 from Insomnia in the United Kingdom. Grand finalists receive international flights and accommodation!

European teams can sign up to the tournament here:

Now the question is: Who knows of a place in Telford, UK that can do up a nice big novelty cheque for the winners!

Natural Selection 2

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