ESL Tournament and 7 Days of NS2

Posted by unknownworlds 12 years ago

It is just over seven days since launch. What does seven days on Steam look like for a small independent game studio?

Icelanders are the most NS2 obsessed, the US is the biggest market, Singaporeans are the most likely to buy the Deluxe edition, and Belgians the most likely to buy 4-packs for their friends. As of yesterday, 75,105 games of NS2 had been played by up to 7,135 concurrent players.

All of that calls for a little bit of celebration. This weekend, Charlie and Hugh are shipping off to Cologne, Germany with Exertus and Archaea. There, those two teams will participate in a live studio grand final to determine who is the best team in Europe right now.

It will be streamed live on, and on the front page of Even better, if you are close by the studio, you can come and watch it live: (Application) – There are 50 spots available so you’ll need to be quick.

It’s going to be an amazing display of skill from some of the best NS2 players in the world. It’s coming at you live. Play starts at 1900CET / 1000PST / 1300EDT

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