Dynamic infestation prototype + source

Posted by unknownworlds 13 years ago

You may have seen the video of our dynamic infestation gameplay prototyping a few weeks ago. I got sidetracked with Build 189 but am starting to look at finishing up a "final" prototype that we can use to inform this interesting feature:

I thought I would release this so you guys could try playing with it and maybe give some feedback about how to make it better. Specifically, I want to make it more "analog", so the exact way you create the infestation matters for gameplay, not simply if you had infestation in an area or not. Ie, it shouldn’t matter only when or if you build in an area, but HOW you build in an area.

Here’s a link for the demo (and source code) you can play with (made in Processing). Let me know if you have any ideas or modify it to make something cool on your own.

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