New Communication Channels

Posted by sebastian 9 years ago

New Communication Channels - Image

Hi everyone.

One of the things we’re actively trying to improve is the way we communicate with the community. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to reach us and each other.

As well as continuing to use Trello, we’ve started up a new Trello Board for our activities to allow you to follow our development progress. We will continue to use the forum and this development blog to post announcements and interact, but we think there is now a new faster, more fluid way we can communicate in the future.

Discord is a relatively new chat & voice service. It’s a combination of Slack, Skype & Teamspeak all in one. We’ve been testing if for a few months as Subnautica use it for playtesting, and now we think it’s reach the stage where we can open up the new official Natural Selection 2 Discord server to everyone.

If you want to have a direct chat with us or other members of the community, join up at – don’t forget to claim your account. There are great Desktop & Mobile apps available if you don’t want to use a web browser tab. It’s all free.

I recently started a new NS2 feedback forum. This feedback forum will help us to gather your ideas and bug reports.

So far we received 64 ideas and 6 bug reports! We would never thought about some of those ideas and are very thankful that you decided to share them with us.

At the moment we are looking into implementing 9 of the most popular ideas while we already work on one idea. Of the 6 reported bugs 1 was fixed, 4 were known internally and 1 was added to our bug tracker.

We hope that these new communication channels allow more people to get involved in Natural Selection 2 development. Thanks!

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