Competitive Play This Weekend

Posted by unknownworlds 12 years ago

Now, we all know that the only thing in the world better than playing the NS2 Beta is sliced bread, and even that is a close call. But there is something that comes pretty close, and that’s watching competitive players bite, claw, shoot, phase and bile bomb their way to victory in live matches.

Yesterday, Cydweithrediad, Team #156, -[420]-, Arcahea, and Skulkrush went at it over a four hour broadcast on Twitch TV. You can see almost all of the weekends matches in these playlists:

Team #156 v -[420]-

Cydweithrediad v Skulkrush

Archaea v -[420]-

Here is one of the matches from the Archaea v -[420]- series:

Thankyou to all the teams that played this weekend! If you would like to join the live broadcast on Twitch next weekend, head on over at 12pm US-PST on Sunday.

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