Competitive Play This Past Weekend

Posted by unknownworlds 12 years ago

Some of you might have been following NS2 long enough to remember the first, tentative attempts at competitive games. If you feel like a blast from the past, you can check one out here. Back then, matches were few and far between. Some of the teams that fought back then don’t even exist anymore! (HBZ though, by the way, is currently recruiting!)

Now, the competitive NS2 scene is exploding. There are now more teams than are easily remembered, with around one hundred competitive players composing them. This past weekend featured countless matches, many of which were cast live on . If you missed some, or all of the seven hour Sunday cast or two hour Saturday cast, you can now catch them here:

All-In v -[420]-

Archaea v -[420]-

All-In v Archaea

Darkside v Archaea

Team #156 v Exertus

Exertus v Darkside

Archaea v Exertus

Mr v -[420]-

Here is a game from All-In v Darkside on Sunday, co-cast with DrLeto, to wet your appetite for more:

These matches have been happening at 12pm US-PST every Sunday, and shall continue into the future. If you’d like to get advance warning of what games are happening when, be sure to follow @NS2HD on Twitter.

If you’ve got feedback from the cast, there is a poll here, and you can also join the discussion about next weekends matches here (And vote on who is the best team in NS2 right now!.

Many of you out there might be considering jumping into some competitive NS2 – consider no more, jump in! If you’re looking for a team to join, there are plenty of threads in the competitive NS2 forums. If you can’t find one, don’t be afraid to make one! There are probably many people thinking the same way as you. For one this week, and you could be live on Twitch this weekend!

We hope you are enjoying the budding NS2 competitive scene as much as we are.

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