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Posted by sebastian 8 years ago

One month has past since our spotlight about So it’s time for another community spotlight.

This time we are humbled to present one of the longest actively maintained Natural Selection 2 game mode modifications to you: The Faded

The Faded is available on the Natural Selection 2 Steam Workshop or directly via the in-game server browser.


Let me introduce myself a bit. My name is Katzenfleisch (my online nick, not my birth name :)).

I’m a developer who likes to spend some of his spare time on NS2: The Faded. You might also see me around as a Lerk in vanilla games or in command of the deadly ‘Faded’. Now we’re acquainted, suit yourself up and get ready!

– [Code mission: Falcon] –
– [Classification: Top secret] –
– [Day 7 after the incident] –

Units employed to the mission: Squad 6 (Mish, Katz, Harper and Pheonix).
Mission Type: Extermination
Main objective: Infiltrate the Veil facility, kill all remaining lifeforms and restore the power.

Extract of the last transmission:

– [Begin Log] –

[Phoenix] = “Base”
[Phoenix] = “We’re in, but there’s blood everywhere. Hopefully we can get the power up sooner than later. Something is totally off here […] The enemies are located in the hallways between “Topo” and “Sky” right now, we’ll intercept them but our main transmitter stopped working out of sudden. Harper, track where our target is, Mish cover him. Katz, go and try to find some batteries while I’ll try to fix the transmitter.”

[Mish] = “Roger, we’ll catch up when we’re done with those pieces of Alien trash. Over.”

– [ Access restricted ] –

[Mish] = “Base, Base ? Base ! That thing, it, it was waiting for us all along, do …”

– [End of transmission] –

We lost contact with Squad 6 two days ago. According to their last transmission, the Veil facility seems to be overrun by several unknown lifeforms.

However due to its strategically key role for the victory against the Kharaa, we are sending you to investigate what happened to Squad 6. Your departure is as soon as possible.

Proceed with extreme caution and report any anomalies!

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