Combat Standalone Revealed

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Ever since the dawn of the original Natural Selection, itself a Half-Life mod, people have been modding Natural Selection. One of the most enduring and compelling mods ever made for Natural Selection is Combat: A game in which alien and human face off in an arena, leveling up abilities and fighting to destroy each others’ bases.

Natural Selection 2: Combat

When Natural Selection 2 was released as stand alone game, it represented a modding idea becoming a commercial success. That success allowed an entire development studio to thrive: Today, the success of Natural Selection 2 has allowed Unknown Worlds to grow and reveal a new game, Subnautica.

Combat is now about to have that same chance. Some time this year, Combat will be released as a stand alone game on Steam. Not by Unknown Worlds, but by a new game developer: Faultline Games. Faultline Games is born of a team of intrepid modders, coming together from across the world to create great games.

Natural Selection 2: Combat

The in-progress Alien upgrade menu in NS2: Combat

While still in the early stages of formal development, Combat is well on its way to achieving the level of quality and fun required of a stand alone game. The Faultline team is working hard to create a fantastic game that delivers all the action, thrills and excitement that the Combat mod has been known for, for many years.

If Combat is a success, and at Unknown Worlds we have no doubt Faultline Games can make it one, then it will be the most exceptional of successes: A mod born of an independent game that was itself a mod, spawning a successful development team in the same way Natural Selection did.

At Unknown Worlds, we are providing all the support we can to Faultline Games to help them on their way to success. We hope you will help them too, and we cannot wait to play the game that they release.

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