Build 281: Tutorial and Editor Update!

Posted by WasabiOne 8 years ago

Hi Ho, Hi Ho! Work continues and shows no sign of slowing up. Today we are releasing what some would consider a smaller patch, but for us it shows our continued efforts to steadily release updates to the game. These changes are laying the foundations for some new features and hopefully some benefits to new players that are coming into the game for the first time. Our goal as always, is to build the community and your feedback is an important piece of that. We’re trying to foster creativity and collaboration with our work. By empowering you, there are now many ways you can contribute to NS2 whether it be coding, mapping, or just plain playing the game. Check out our Community Page for ways to get involved or reach out to us.

I’d like to take a moment to welcome Skyler “Remi” Clark to the Development Team. He’s a long time supporter and contributor to the Natural Selection universe. Having working on AAA titles at Infinity Ward, Skyler brings a tremendous amount of technical knowledge & experience in game development to the team. We continue to evolve as a team and are very excited to see how we continue to grow with Skyler and his contributions.

Looking to the future, we are pleased to say that Matso looks to have found the source of the memory issues that have been reported by the community. We are currently testing some custom binaries with a few server ops to see if this has indeed fixed the issue. If these tests prove fruitful then the fixes will go out next week with our next patch.

Until then, Happy Skulking!


  • Added Chinese, Japanese and Romanian as language options
  • Removed .png and .jpg files from the consistency check so you can use any kind of font and loading screen mod
  • The disconnect reason messages are now fully translatable
  • Removed consistency checking for the tutorial
  • The tutorial no longer requires Steam to be online
  • The server browser now stays sorted at refresh as requested by the community (
  • Play Now ignores “vs. Bot” servers and any other servers with the “ignore_playnow” tag
  • Improved the server performance rating algorithm so it takes more critical performance issues into account



  • Fixed a bug that would cause faces to become (almost) permanently invisible if at any point their area was very very small.
  • Added a new option to the Selection Tool: “Clean Level Edges and Vertices” (accessible in the “Edit” dropdown when the Selection Tool is active). This removes all edges/vertices that are not being used by any faces/edges, respectively.


  • Lua API – Added Shared.GetNetworkMessageDefinition(). Allows retrieval of existing network messages. This Can be used to get, modify, and then Re-register network messages. See docs/api/Shared.json for details.
  • Added a description for the PerfAnalyzer tool
  • You can use the egg entity now to preset possible egg spawns in your map at each tech point.



  • Added a pre-computed pathing mesh into the level. Should load faster now.


  • Added a pre-computed pathing mesh into the level. Should load faster now.
  • Cleaned up unused stuff in old connection between C12 and Dome, including occlusion geometry and reflection probes.


  • Fixed some occlusion geometry issues.
  • Fixed various texture and geometry problems.
  • Fixed a few holes in vents.

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