Build 264 now live on Steam

Posted by 10 years ago

Natural Selection 2 Build 264 is now live on Steam. Build 264 is tiny, minuscule, so small that if it was orbiting the Sun we might not call it a planet.

We would not normally release a build this small, but some of the changes are security-related. As a result, we’ve chosen to bring just those changes forward and retarget 265 as the next main NS2 build.

Here is the changelog:

Critical docking exploit fixed
Reduced variance in time updates between frames on the client (thanks Matso!)
Fixed crash when the server received an improperly formed packet (thanks Camron!)
Fixed crash issue with CoordsArray (thanks Deco!)
Updated the URL for LaunchPad to point to the new server address for news
Hallucinations are now more clever (We will hold off on celebrating this until 265!)

And that’s it!


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