Build 255 is now live on Steam!

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Build 255, the first post-Reinforced update, is now live on Steam. Servers will roll over to the new build over the next few hours. Build 255 has two primary objectives: Address as many bugs and issues in Reinforced as possible, and introduce the first wave of Reinforcement Program tiers.

On both counts, we have done well, but still have more to do. For example, D3D11 and OpenGL performance is still not quite where we want it to be, though D3D9 is running much better in 255. Exclusive taunts are not yet working properly. The in-game menu currently allows you to select, but not play as, armour types you do not have access to (e.g. a player who bought the game yesterday can select Black (Special Edition) armour, but it will not show up in game. The Expanded OST is not yet available.

Point of the story: Build 255 improves Reinforced, and we will continue to work on it until it’s damn awesome. Onwards to the changelog:

Reinforcement Program

Shadow Skulk now available to applicable players
Assault Marine now available to applicable players
Elite Assault Marine available to applicable players
Reinforced badges on scoreboard now functioning for applicable players


Alien players can now choose the respawn location
Added credits (finally!)


Fixed D3D9 fullscreen exclusive mode (improves performance and stuttering problems for D3D9 players)
Fixed script error in the server browser caused by using the bracket keys in filters
Fixed bug preventing the reserved slots feature from working properly in the server web admin panel if reserved slots weren’t already configured
Added “restricted” files for consistency checking to prevent exploits with the mod loader mechanism
Disabled client-side mods when running the tutorial
Fixed Drifter command “Follow Nearest Alien” not working
Fixed a bug causing some elements of the world to disappear after the player becomes a Commander
Cysts will never connect to unconnected cysts
Fixed ghost placement of Gorge Webs not drawing properly
Fixed bug causing Flamethrower flames to be invisible after a player drops and picks up a Flamethrower
Fixed script errors when the system locale used commas instead of periods as the decimal separator


Pulse Grenades have now a proximity detector and detonate when an Alien is nearby
Changed Stomp damage type from Structural to Heavy
Lifeforms no longer need to be upgraded to gain health from Biomass
Increased Echo Whip and Harvester cost to 2 resources (up from 1)


Power Nodes show now “Indestructable” text when in initial ghost model state
Offset Drifter Cloud ability further from the ground so sloped surfaces won’t block line of sight to target position as much


Added Server.GetPort function

Lots of map related changes will be added into the changelog later.


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