Natural Selection 2 Build 247 is now live on Steam!

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It is update time! Build 247 lives, and is live on Steam. Go download it and sink your teeth in!


The two main new features in 247 are the in-game vote system and some very basic training bots. The former should improve the ability of players to manage their play experience, and the latter will bring on our doom at the hands of Skynet.

Here is the full changelog (minus some map changes, which will be added to the log later):


Added Server Details window to the server browser
Added “server name” field to server browser filters
Added filter tabs in server browser
Added history tap to server browser
Added in game voting system (change map, kick player, reset round)
Added Quick Switch key (default V) to switch to last chosen weapon


Password prompt window will now join a server when pressing enter
Added key bindings for “Vote Yes” and “Vote No”
Limit pistol fire rate to 10 bullets per second (thanks matso, xDragon)


Fixed bug causing multiple order sounds to play in a row (build order for example)
Fixed problem with marquee selection not being prevented / canceled when performing another action like dropping medpacks
Fixed problem where enemy players could differentiate between normal eggs and gestating aliens
Fixed bug causing the last character in chat to not be sent when the chat message is at the maximum length


Entity selection wasn’t aware of the layer lock mode
Added ability to drag layers in the layer list to reorder them
Fixed crash when creating lines along edges of existing face
Added a “Commander Invisible” parameter to Cinematics to hide certain cinematics from Commanders
Added “CommanderInvisibleVents” group for vents that should be hidden for Commanders but that should display on minimaps


The SoundInfo tool now generates soundinfo files for wav files
Fixed issue where Lua-style single line comments containing Lua keywords could break the profiler
Added Client.GetServerPlayerDetails() function to retrieve information about players on a server after a call to Client.RequestServerDetails()
Added Client.GetModDetails() function


Reworked exit from Pipeline to The Dome
Added new corridor between The Dome and Y-Junction
Removed 45 degree corridor from Skylights
Added crates in East/West Junction
Removed one of the glass panes in West Junction
Columns in Cargo are hidden from Commander view
Added cover in The Dome
Removed the ladder access to The Dome
You can now build behind the RTs in Nanogrid
Reduced the pipeline power node influence to just the main room, and extended the utility location to cover those areas
Extended the geometry behind the pipeline resource node and rotated the node so that skulks and marines can fit behind and around it


Fixed a stuck spot in Cave


Shifted energy flow to the east, in the place of the piperoom next to silo
Moved Energy Flow Resource node to the bottom corner of the room
Added new location “fluid transfer” to offset the changes to energy flow(adds a new power node so this area can be used as a staging point)
Widened all the vents so skulks can pass each other
Modified monorail vent to be less confusing and reduce travel time
Added cover to fabrication hive
Added cover to Hydroanalysis hive
Removed some cover from monorail tech point and pushed the wall by the tech point back
Added some boxes in gravity control so skulks cant hide on top of the tunnel as easily
Commander invisible vents should now be visible on the minimap
Gravity control rings should no longer be visible to the commander

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