Build 243 Live on Steam

Posted by Max 11 years ago

Build 243 is now live on Steam. This is a small patch that fixes a bug introduced in 242 as well as speeds up the “compiling shaders” step of the loading process.  Here is the complete change log:

  • Fixed rendering artifacts with rich Infestation and decals if the shader cache was rebuilt
  • Multi-threaded “compiling shaders” step of the loading process

The game caches compiled shaders to your hard drive, so the compiling shaders process only happens when a shader is updated.  Normally this will only happen once, when the game is first installed.  However, since many of our patches include a shader change,  players need to do this with some frequency.  This can also happen if you install a mod that includes its own shaders. To speed this process up, we made the game use multiple cores to compile the shaders.  On our quad core test machines this made the process about 400% faster

We looking forward to seeing you online!

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