Build 235 is now live on Steam

Posted by unknownworlds 12 years ago

There is nothing Brian like doing more than putting out patches. Drawing together all the art and code, getting through playtests, pushing the build to Valve, it really brings joy to his bearded heart.

He loves it so much, that there has to be a very good reason to ‘hotfix’ something. ‘Hotfixing’ is not easy, and is very disruptive to the normal cycle of updating the game. But today we decided to do it, to fix a rather large noclip hole in Tram.

We can’t have naughty Gorges sitting outside maps during the holiday seaon, after all. But wait! There’ more…

Head to the LaunchPad inside your Natural Selection 2 directory, and you will find a rather large present. All the model source and sound source files are there, under ‘Example assets.’ This includes the MAX files for all our character models and animations.

Enjoy, and remember: Snowball fights are all fun and games, until some poor Skulk catches one in the eye.

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