Build 204 released

Posted by unknownworlds 12 years ago

We are back from PAX East! Despite half the team being incapcitated by the PAX Plague (Otherwise known as Meet’n’Greet Flu) we are back in the office and smashing out more builds.

Build 204 is almost functionally identical to the build that was played at PAX East. Max stayed up all night last Thursday to add some new effects for the PAX audience, and we think you will really enjoy them.

There won’t be a patch video for 204 as it is so small, and Hugh is currently working on bringing you a video of our experience at PAX East.


  • Added Alien and Marine death effects
  • Added effect when a player or structure is on fire


  • Fixed the background in the Editor
  • Made the background colors customizable in the Editor
  • Fixed triangulation edges drawing for the level mesh when viewing wireframe mode in the Editor
  • Fixed bug where models that were set to not cast shadows would still cast shadows in the Editor
  • Fixed bug where putting an object into a hidden layer in the Editor wouldn’t cause the object to hide
  • Added "Show Post Processing" option to the viewport menu in the Editor to enable/disable bloom
  • Added support for float2, float3 and float4 parameters in surface shaders

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