Build 195 released

Posted by unknownworlds 12 years ago

Hey everyone,

We’re glad to see the servers are full and that Gorilla went over well! We got some great coverage around the web which made us quite happy.

We want to the patches coming frequently, instead of doing bigger less frequent patches. With that in mind, we wanted to release this follow-up patch to address some of the issues that came with last week’s release.


  • Onos Stomp moved to alt fire and now it knocks down marines
  • Moved Onos smash to separate HUD slot.
  • Onos will not collide with medium sized structures anymore.
  • Added a stoop animation for Onos, which triggers when you move through low corridors/doorways. This will trigger most of the time instead of auto crouch and does not slow the Onos down.
  • Increased Onos hide armor.
  • Adjusted Onos movement collision model.
  • Increased Onos acceleration.
  • Added a bitmap based font rendering system.
  • Added Lerk "roosting", fly into a wall or ceiling and hold the movement modifier button to latch on (Thanks Matso!)
  • The Commander can now drop weapons anywhere, not only in range of Armory. Weapons always cost player resources.


    [li]Fixed bug causing some Hydras placed on walls or ceilings to take damage even though they are on Infestation.
  • Marines with a Jetpack now display on the minimap.
  • Fixed script error caused by a bot switching to a different player class.
  • Improved melee attack collision detection (Rifle alt, Axe, Fade, Skulk, Onos, etc) (Thanks Matso!)
  • Fixed script error caused by upgrading Shade to Mature Shade.
  • "DEFEND" order text is now displayed as "Defend" as intended.
  • Pistol laser is pointing in the correct direction when viewing another player with a pistol.
  • Player will now rotate more smoothly.
  • Fixed script error when using the web admin interface.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes the Alien hatch text would say "-2 more Aliens will hatch before you"
  • Scenario Handler now handles unconnected cysts properly (Thanks Matso!)
  • AI units will now go to the direct spot commanded instead of nearby (Thanks Matso!)
  • The Sentry laser will only appear once the Sentry is fully deployed.
  • Scoreboard reloads now correctly when you change the screen resolution.
  • Fixed a bug where Whip bombs could sometimes damage health from Marines.
  • Added Onos death message icons.
  • Fixed the minimap generator not working properly.
  • Fixed crash when a vertex buffer couldn’t be created due to the system being out of memory.
  • Fixed infinite loop when an open space can’t be found for a Drifter.
  • Fixed script error caused by the Marine Commander giving a Marine an order to defend an Entity that hadn’t been damaged yet.
  • Changed the field of view to remain constant vertically regardless of the aspect ratio of the game.
  • Give dropped weapons a little bit of initial angular velocity.
  • Increased the size of the minimap.
  • Marine Commander can now drop weapons everywhere on the map (no armory nearby required anymore)
  • Aliens can choose same number of upgrades as they have Hives.
  • Better targeting system for Sentry, Hydra, Whip, etc (Thanks Matso!)
  • Whip Grenade whack improved (Thanks Matso!)
  • ‘autobuild’ option will work with powerpoints now (thanks matso!)
  • Updated Alien ability icons.
  • Sentries and pistols in alt fire mode have now a red laser attached to them.
  • Added "killall" console command to kill all of one type of Entity, "killall Hive" for example, cheats must be enabled.


  • Increased Onos Stomp energy cost from 10 to 40.
  • Reduced bile bomb damage by 10%.


  • Moved Powernode in Central Drilling to other corner.
  • Opened up brew room into small room next door and moved the black door.
  • Raised the Left Operations exit slightly
  • Rebuilt Operations right exit to Drill Repair
  • Extended rock division wall in The Gap
  • Moved Drill Repair RT Closer to Operations
  • Replaced all Location Volumes
  • Renamed "Ore Transfer" to "Refinery Transfer"
  • Included "Refinery Transfer" Tech point into Marine Random Spawn.
  • Renamed "Belt Room" to "Belt Transfer"
  • Renamed "Ore Extraction North" to "North Tunnel"


  • Replaced dev textures in corridor outside Server room.
  • Removed some deformed geometry from Alien Tram.
  • Fix for drifter stuck issue in Shipping.


  • Added the ability to make static and dynamic props as not collidable in the Editor.
  • Added SetAngularVelocity to CollisionObject.

See you online!

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