Blogtacular Crunchie (or: the state of Community Contribution)

Posted by amanda 8 years ago

Ed. Note: The context for this article can be found in the post “Let’s try something new.”

Hello fellow skulks and marines,

I wanted to go into further detail on what will happen in regards to the current CDT structure and the process of community contribution that has been so invaluable to the game in its entire lifespan. While the CDT will no longer operate in the same structure that it formerly did, that does not mean that this new transition is the end of community involvement with the game. In fact, we aspire to achieve the opposite!

The current system is comprised of people who freely give their time and love to the game, and everyone is a volunteer. In the new structure, we hope we can provide something more tangible in return for the contributions of the community than just appreciation and a hundred gorge kisses. The newly reforged NS2 Development team will not only still rely on, but hopefully encourage, community contributions to the game- be it simply ideas, more polished things like code or even art assets and maps. So what’s new about that you ask? This time around, with renewed funding from UnknownWorlds, we hope to be able to fiscally compensate people proportionally to the work contributed. This means that anyone will be able to contribute something to the game and, if accepted, be rewarded for it.

So in short, not only does the NS2 Development team still greatly welcome community contributions, but we are excited to be able to give back to those contributors in a meaningful way. This contribution system has yet to be ironed out, but we’re looking forward to providing an environment where contributions are not only recognized, but compensated. This system will encourage community members to develop new features and content that can be integrated into the game for everyone to enjoy.

I want to emphasize this is still in the planning stage, but the idea is there and we hope to have it fully realized in our three month trial run with this new development team. We recognize that community contributions are an incredible part of this game and the playerbase that surrounds it. We want to keep feeding and nurturing this process however we are able to.

Stay chompy and keep your rifle polished!


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