Beta Build 225 is Live

Posted by unknownworlds 12 years ago

NS2 Build 225 is now live on Steam!

Here is the change log:


  • Added maximum limit of Drifter / MAC (3 per tech point) to prevent unreasonable spam
  • Increased workers per tech point to 5
  • Added map specific loading screens
  • Increased maximum FPS limit to 200


  • Fixed deadlock on dual core CPUs when starting a listen server
  • Fixed hitch when stopping movement
  • Fixed misprediction of Onos charge
  • Fixed bug where server command line settings weren’t validated when starting a dedicated server
  • Fixed bug causing the Builder effects to briefly appear on the Rifle in some cases after the Marine finishes building
  • Fixed script error caused by using the "spectate" console command while playing as a Commander
  • Fixed one frame delay in handling key up events
  • Fixed crash when starting Explore mode or a mod that defined a different network class structure on the client and the server (mods should specify a predict entry point in game_setup.xml)
  • Fixed Gorge build menu not disappearing when entering Hive
  • Fixed crash when starting a replay for an outdated version of the game
  • Fixed third person Builder effect not showing up
  • Fixed damage number feedback overlapping with the crosshair at high distance
  • Fixed ARCs not being able to hit unsighted but detected targets
  • Explore mode tooltip now goes away when you go back to the ready room


  • Improved performance on the client and server


  • Added predict entry point in the game_setup.xml file
  • Changed point lights to default to no specular in the editor

In the last two patches we’ve made a number of changes to how the engine interfaces with the game code to improve performance. As a result this has caused some mods to break. These should be the last substantial changes to the SDK before 1.0, and after 1.0 we are planning on preserving backwards compatibility whenever we make a change.

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