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natural selection

Unknown Worlds is getting back in to Natural Selection development. We have hired a small group of community members to reform an in-house development team. We are going to try some crazy stuff. We want NS2 to be huge.

There’s not an easy way to describe what all this means. I tried writing some sort of ‘announcement post‘ yesterday, but it was pretty shit. Then a bunch of stuff ‘leaked’ and lots of people got confused or upset or excited or wanted to throttle me.

I put ‘leaked’ in quotation marks, because there’s no secrets here. There’s nothing Unknown Worlds knows that we don’t want the NS2 community to know. The decision to return to NS2 is a big, complex, nuanced one. It is hard to describe it all in a single email, blog post, or phone call. It’s even harder to convey the idea that Unknown Worlds doesn’t have all the answers, and that not having an answer is ok.

Instead of me writing some blog post that reads like a garbage press release, it’s probably best the whole development team tells you what they think. Maybe it won’t work, but it’s worth a try.

First up, I’ve answered a bunch of community questions collated by Chris ‘Ironhorse’ Gates: Q&A about UWE coming back to NS2

Scott writes about his thoughts on team composition and NS2 community involvement: NS2 Dev Team & our Community

Amanda talks about her dreams for ongoing community involvement: Blogtacular Crunchie (Or: The state of community contribution)

Brock talks about some of his responsibilities in managing the builder that build build build: Who builds the builder that builds the builder?

Sebastian speaks about how appreciative he is of the community that has lead him to this opportunity: Community Focused Development

Perhaps I’ll cajole Dillon, Mats and Trevor into writing some words too!

– Hugh

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