Accidental Beacon

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We’ve all been that commander, or the marine on the ground when it happens. The misclick, the wrong hotkey, the shame as all marines are beaconed back to base by accident. Today, the forces of darkness assembled against poor WasabiOne, and the Natural Selection 2 World Championship (NS2WC) suffered a distress beacon that no one intended.

All donations made over the past twenty four hours (Almost 10% of the goal, or 3,000) have been refunded and ticker reset to $0. Here is an explanation from WasabiOne about what happened:

“An error occurred on the GoFundMe site that was forwarding contributions for the NS2 World Championship directly to our PayPal account rather than holding them for the All or Nothing setup we created. In an effort to make sure that everyone’s money is being handled appropriately we are recreating the campaign with GoFundMe and making sure everything works as intended. If you have previously donated we hope that you will return to the website and restore your donation. Thank you!”

This is a real bummer for the NS2WC team, as WasabiOne, Reddog, Zefram and others have worked extremely hard to prep the crowdfunding effort that launched yesterday. Here at Unknown Worlds we are going to make our personal donations again straight away, and we hope you will too to restore the morale of this wonderful group of NS2 players.

Well done WasabiOne for taking the prudent, if frustrating decision to refund donations rather than allowing GoFundMe to send them to the NS2WC PayPal account.

Read the NS2WC post from earlier today about how UWE is helping out the NS2WC team

Contribute to the NS2WC here


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