A Note to Our Linux Users

Posted by WasabiOne 4 years ago

With the upcoming release of patch 329, we will officially be ending our support for the Linux client of Natural Selection 2. It has become increasingly more difficult to support and develop for the platform natively. We also struggle finding enough users with QA experience to help us debug and solve issues that arise with continued changes to the game. For Server Operators, we will continue to support the Linux server environment.

If you are a Linux user that purchased the game in the last 30 days, you will be able to request a refund from Valve outside the normal Steam refund policy.

However, we have verified that the windows client will install on Linux with the support of proton and Steam Play (still in beta), and can offer the same or in some cases even better performance on Linux than user experienced before.

To all the Linux client users who helped and gave support from over the years, we thank you!

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