Xbox One Update Delays

Update 24 Jul 2017: It looks like Xbox One will receive a "3 in 1" update, though we can't commit to a date.

Update 09 Jul 2017: We have crushed The Bug and are making good progress towards resuming updates.

Original post 21 Jun 2017:

Subnautica on Xbox One is now two updates behind the Steam version. It is missing both Silent Running and Voice of the Deep. We are tremendously sorry for this delay, and it is not our intention to leave Xbox players with old version of the game.

Why is Subnautica on Xbox behind Steam?

We want Subnautica on Xbox to receive updates at the same moment that Steam does. Unfortunately, releasing an update on Xbox is not as simple as just copying the game to the Xbox platform. We need to make a specialised ‘build’ of the game for Xbox, that works with the Xbox software and hardware environment.

When making the Xbox build of Silent Running, we encountered some severe issues: The Bug®. These issues are highly technical: They involve how the game talks to the Xbox 3D rendering hardware to produce the game’s graphics. Until The Bug® is fixed, we can’t release Silent Running on Xbox One: The game doesn’t work.

When will Subnautica on Xbox be updated?

As soon as possible. We are working in The Bug® full time. Max, the man with the biggest brain on the entire team, is working tirelessly to solve the problem and get the Xbox version updated.

We can’t predict a date: Any timeframe we give will inevitably be wrong. We don’t want to dissapoint you by pronouncing a date and then missing it. All we can say is: We are working as hard as we can on this issue.

Why does Steam keep receiving updates while Xbox does not?

The people on the development team that work on updates are not the same people as those working on fixing The Bug®. Slowing down updates on Steam won’t speed up Xbox update release. In fact, slowing down on Steam would slow down Xbox too, because all the updates being worked on for Steam will be released on Xbox once we crush The Bug®.

This sucks!

It does suck, and we are very sorry. We want everyone to have a great time playing Subnautica, no matter which platform they are playing on. We won’t rest until the Xbox version of Subnautica is in great shape.

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