Veteran playtesting

It's official: at 8pm EST this past Friday, the NS Veterans got to play NS v1.1 for the first time. These guys are picked from a popular vote of the 10 top NS clans, and who have one purpose: to make NS the best competitive game in existence. In addition to these clan members, various tournament organizers were chosen to help give feedback on competitive play in general, to make sure NS is primed for play in the CAL, the UGL and one day, the CPL and the WCG. The team has complete confidence in their abilities to analyze, exploit and otherwise break the game mechanics before release.

NS Radio is now back online. There was some confusion about ownership and responsibility here, but hopefully everyone is just going to try to move forward and keep NS Radio alive. Listen to music and occasional NS commentary and interviews on NS Radio. If you want to commit to DJing, drop them a note and get more information. Any other questions about NS Radio should be directed to the hard-working and multi-faceted Prodigy.

Thanks again to all all the Constellation members, whose contributions have helped get NS v1.1 to this stage and have ensured a timely release.

It's an exciting time for the team, and for fans too. After a few weeks of bug-fixing and balancing, NS should be ready for public release. With the massively improved server performance, the fresh and diverse new gameplay, new maps, improved visuals, and support for HLTV and anti-cheat software, this NS should be ready to explode...

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