Simplifying NS2 - Thoughts on Gameplay (feedback wanted!)

Heyo all. Since the renewal of NS2 development there's been a lot of talk about systems, engine and tool changes, and a lot of "under the hood" things that, while important, you might not notice them changing the actual gameplay experience a whole lot.  One of the core directives of the NS2 dev team is new player retention- which really got me thinking- Are there any changes we could make to the gameplay of NS2 to make it less hectic, complex, and confusing to the average newbie? Now I'm not referring to anything like the sweeping and complex changes made in B250- those were aimed purely at game balance. These 'simplifying' ideas would aim for something different, which is to make gameplay easier to understand for newer players. To make the course of a game and it's elements a little easier to chew. So I ask, is there something that you'd like to see in the game to this effect? Is there something in particular you think new players struggle with? I will link below a document of a few ideas I've come up with as an example- I want to emphasize that these are purely hypothetical at this point! And we would love to hear your feedback on the matter. Ideas big or small- friendly discussion about the topic is welcome. =) See the document here: Lastly, I want to quickly mention a better tutorial system is the obvious answer here- we're aware of and that and it's already being worked on by generous members of the community and the dev team alike

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