NSL Invitational Cup Announced

Welcome to the biggest event in Natural Selection history: The NSL Invitational Cup. The combination of Strategy and Shooter gameplay makes NS a unique competitive play experience, for spectator and player alike. To celebrate the release of the imminent Gorgeous update, Unknown Worlds has teamed up with ENSL.orgTwitch.tvLogitech Gaming, and the Electronic Sports League to create the Natural Selection League Invitational Cup. Featuring some of the biggest names in NS, including Nexzil, Archaea, and Mercury the Cup will take place in February and culminate in a live studio grand final in Cologne, Germany. The top teams will share in a prize pool worth over $7,000. There is now a dedicated page for the event, unknownworlds.com/ns2/nsl and it will be kept up to date with all the news of the tournament as it develops. Head over there now for details of format, prizing, and how you can be part of the studio audience for the live Grand Final. ESL-Studio.jpg

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