NS2 Build 192 released

Here's one more maintenance/fix patch before we get back to work on the bigger "Gorilla". This fixes some new crashes and improves balance over 191.


  • Added map cycling on the server (now you can run ns2_tram!). Use mapcycle.txt file to set up.
  • Added Left 4 Dead style animated screen hints to make it more clear when marines should build structures, build power nodes, or guard power nodes.
  • Hitting marines with Gorge spit will obscure their view.


  • Removed change in alien armor effectiveness with # of hives. This was supposed to work like NS1, but a recent meant that aliens got _weaker_ with more hives! Now it's gone completely.
  • Added 2 points of "hide" armor to Lerks (every attack does 2 less damage, good vs. groups).
  • Added a very small delay between a mine being armed and exploding (*BEEP* ... BOOM!!!).
  • Increased Fade carapace armor from 30 to 50.
  • Increased Gorge bile bomb damage from 200 to 300 and splash radius from 5 meters to 8 meters.
  • Increased Mature Whip health/armor from 900/150 to 1,050/175.
  • Increased Skulk carapace armor from 15 to 20.
  • Increased mine purchase cost from 10 to 15.
  • Increased minimum spawn time for eggs from 6 to 8, to try to allow marines to counter-rush after a failed attack (also to compensate for recent egg bug fix).
  • Lowered Gorge carapace armor from 60 to 50.
  • Lowered Robotics Factory build time from 30 to 25 to be less annoying and closer to other structures.
  • When players and structures are on fire, they recover energy at 25% normal rate (was 10% rate, which was very rough for Fade).
  • Personal resources have now a limit of 100 per player. Any overflow will be split amongst the other players on the team.
  • Whip bombs will not bounce off world geometry anymore.
  • Changed corrode damage to deal only a small amount to players armor instead of full damage.


  • A player will no longer be distress beaconed if they are close enough to the command station being beaconed to already.
  • Death messages for Players or Structures killed by Mines that were destroyed by other Mines will now display correctly.
  • Don't invoke collision callback if one of the objects has been destroyed.
  • Fixed bug where a client would not properly go back to the main menu when there was an error during connection (e.g. the client doesn't have the map).
  • Fixed bug where aliens used hive1 armor for 3+ hives and hive3 armor for 1 hive...(egads - thanks Jaweese!).
  • Fixed bug where clients would not be returned to the main menu if they failed to authenticate.
  • Fixed bug where grenades would explode too early depending on your ping time (OnCreate is now called in the world time stream instead of the lag compensated time stream).
  • Fixed bug where the game would not display the reason for being disconnect from a server when it returned to the main menu.
  • Fixed crash in PhysX on level change (caused by creating too many materials).
  • Fixed crash when too many reliable commands were sent at the same time.
  • Fixed packet format errors when too many mines explode simultaneously.
  • Fixed players not showing up in a server when viewed on Steam Friends.
  • Fixed prediction errors when using the speed command.
  • Fixed script error caused by giving a rally order to an unbuilt Hive.
  • Game freeze when placing cysts.
  • Mines detonate each other with some randomness now, for aesthetic effect(thanks Mats!).
  • Multiple Whips or ARCs can now be given a root/unroot or deploy/undeploy command.
  • No longer ignore damage types when calculating # of health points per point of alien armor.
  • Physics transform changes are detected even if they happen in a sub-step.
  • The Marine will only be slowed on landing if they jumped first (going down stairs will not artificially slow a player).
  • The sound effect that plays when distress beacon is finished will only trigger if at least 1 player was successfully beaconed.
  • Updated Lerk weapon spike and spore tooltips.
  • Viewer sometimes starts with black screen.
  • Whip bombs will now correctly deal damage to players (small amount and armor only).
  • Whips will properly attack grenades again.
  • Reduced network usage for updating infestation (thanks matso!).
  • reserve Fade velocity when coming out of blink.
  • Improved spit effect to look less 'spritey'.
  • Don't create new material instance when the default material matches the friction/restitution settings (physics).


  • Added private 2D sound effect for when a player is distress beaconed to ensure they always hear this effect.
  • Better alien vision sounds.
  • Better commander scan sound.
  • Better powernode destroyed sound.
  • Fixed ARC fire sound.
  • Hooked up Mine sounds: Drop, Warmup, Explode.
  • Hooked up new Alien tooltip sound effect.
  • Hooked up private 2D sound for when a player teleports through the Phase Gate (so they hear this effect better).


  • Added support for the Lua IO library (file names use special prefixes "game://", "user://", "temp://", and "cache://" to determine where they are located in the file system).
  • Changed console command for collision rep visualization to 'collision'.
  • Cull physics/collision debug drawing to view frustum.
  • PhysX scene visualization (using the 'physics' console command).
  • Table.contains will now return the key of the element when found.

OK, NOW it's Gorilla time...

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