NS2 Build 183 released

NS2 Build 183 has been released. Here's yet another hotfix, to address the problems in 182. Here's the list:

Build 183 fixes

  • Fixed bug where Marines were visible to the Alien commander
  • Fixed issues with orders not being triggered as completed for drifters/ARCs/MACs
  • Fixed drifters(we need to refactor how this code works with regards to buildorders etc)
  • Changed how is target reached in PathingMixin
  • Added a profiling section for pathing
  • Removed male.model from the project
  • Fixed a possible script error when you would use the create command and try to spawn a drifter.
  • Ready room players no longer see minimap blips
  • Fixed a script error in MapBlip.lua
  • Fixed bug causing camera to go upside down after going through a phase gate
  • Fixed an issue where ARCs could sometimes not deploy (floating point is lame :/)
  • Fixed an issue where drifters would cause a script error if you gave them a move order to its current location
  • Fixed a possible issues with an uninitialized variable in the pathing code
  • Fixed drifters spawn issue
  • Hardened some of the lua pathing code
  • Fixed an issue where drifters/MACs could possibly get out of the map in the corner of maps
  • Fixed bug where coincident vertices would get welded on save in the Editor
  • Disabled all spike hit effects for the time being as they were causing too many network messages (until we move to entity based effects)
  • Fixed bug where crags would require two or three hives when a 2nd or 3rd hive was built and then destroyed
  • Fixed swimming Marines (3rd person model) after going through Phase Gate
  • Fixed bug where ready room players couldn't see other ready room players

We're hoping to get back to some features for the next build. Enjoy!

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