Game Statistics

Version 162 of the game had a semi-hidden feature. We began tracking game end statistics. When a game ends, the game server notifies a web server about a few pieces of information. We send the map name, game version number, game length, and the winning team number.

So far we have tracked 1,445 completed games in build 162.

While this data will mostly be used internally for play balancing, it is easy enough to make it publicly available.



Some options are version, length, and map. For example:

This will display stats for Tram on version 162 for games that last less than 500 seconds.

Now, you might be saying "There has got to be a better way to visualize this data than a weird Pokemon ball thing...". That is what we were thinking!

We have provided a way to access the raw data here.

This is in the standard JSON format. The catch is only the 100 most recent stats are returned. We can probably return more depending on usage.

Please let us know if you end up creating any cool visualizers! A better interface to sort by map, version, and length would be a good start ;)

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