Build 242 Live on Steam

Build 242 has been released. We are quite proud of this build. Brian, Steve, Dushan, Max and Andi have been hard at work making the game work better, faster, and with more carrot. This post is rather late and scant on exciting videos and screenshots, because Hugh is lazy has been prepping for PAX tomorrow, and the big surprise for everyone that's coming with it. Look out for a trailer tomorrow! In lieu of a changelog video, please accept our offering of the changelog itself: Changelog: Optimization Fixed issue where video cards with small amounts of off-board memory would unload textures unnecessarily. Optimized lighting shaders. Optimized occlusion culling rasterization using SIMD. Infestation is no longer derived from entity and produces less network traffic. Multi-threaded effect updating. Infestation updates less often when it is "stable" Smoother velocity input for player animations. Flinches are updated less often on the Client. Optimized lighting. Removed need to constantly check if a unit should be deselected based on LOS. The code that determines what effects to trigger now has a memory. Disabled unnecessary C++ features. Change Units appear now red on minimap when under attack. Score board will now reset on round start (instead on round end) Babbler Bait is now hit scan when the target is close enough. When building more than 3 babbler eggs, the first babblers will get destroyed (same as Clogs and Hydras) Babblers now follow more disciplined the Gorges orders and will cling onto an Alien until told to leave. Increased Babbler lifetime to 5 minutes, up from 2. Feature Added "FollowAndWeld" order for the MAC. The MAC will follow a target and attempt to weld/construct anything in range. Fix Fixed bug where "Removing old version of mod" would not actually remove the mod from disk. Fixed issue where HUD and other important textures would take a long time to load on some Machines. Decreased the number of performance samples stored on the server to prevent hitches while the admin is using web admin. Fixed rounding error for damage numbers. Fixed script error caused by a render model not being initialized in some cases. Fixed potential crash when dequeuing a texture for loading. Fixed crash when docking windows in the Editor. Don't show the game needs a restart message on computers with no input and/or output devices. Fixed Flamethrower showing flame effect during deploying. Fixed death messages being incorrect when multiples of the same unit die in the same server tick. Fixed LOS not being reset when viewer dies. Fixed certain Marine structures not ragdolling. Fixed crash when calling Server.GetClientAddress with a nil value. Fixed script error caused by a Commander being ejected. Fixed bug where cached shader files would not always be rebuilt when necessary. Editor Added ambient_sound_player entity, useful for making a button play nearby ambient sounds for a jukebox as an example. Sdk Added Entity:AddTimedCallback() API, replaces the old TimedCallbackMixin. Increased the maximum number of entities to 4096. Refinery Reduced travel time from Flow Control by moving Smelting & Transit further west. Tracked down and deleted some prop entities that had invalid file references. Made cosmetic improvements to Flow Control and Exchange

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