Zen of Sudoku v0.97 released

This game is really shaping up and there are some great new features in this version. The biggest ones are:

Print puzzles
In the middle of a tough puzzle and want to finish it but need to leave your computer? Hit the print button and your current puzzle (along with 3 others of the same difficulty) will be sent to your printer. Here’s what it looks like.

New hint system
Now when you press the hint button, it will give hint a square that you can make progress on without giving you the full answer. If you still are stuck, hit the hint button again and it will explain the strategy needed to solve that square. This means you’ll soon be solving those naked triples and x-wings without having to geek out on a Sudoku forum somewhere.

Now you can win awards by accomplishing various tasks. Get "High Road" for completing 25 puzzles, or "Morning Sun" for completing a puzzle at sunrise. Your total number of puzzles completed is also displayed.

Much harder puzzles
Expert and Master puzzles are significantly harder. Many new solver methods were added and the game optimized a lot so it can generate a few thousand puzzles before finding you the perfect one.

Much more
Lots of graphical and usability enhancements and improvements (including a fix for the slowdown some people have experienced!).

If you already own the game, it will auto-update. If not, you can download a free 1-hour trial from here. It is available for purchase for $12.95 and will also be available on VALVe’s Steam soon.