Welcome to the new site!

If you’re reading this, that means the new site is now live! It took a WHOLE lot longer then we wanted it to, but at least it should be relatively stable and bug-free. I think this new site will really facilitate communication, organization and efficiency between the developers and the community.

Important member information
1. All members on the old NS forums have had their accounts migrated over to the new site, preserving their posts, join date, etc. Click ‘login’, and enter your handle and password from the old NS forums and you should be in.

2. Your handle may have been changed to comply to our new handle naming rules (to reduce ‘l33tspeak’ and keep names readable), but if your handle was changed, you’ll be given the opportunity to change it to something you’d prefer. Choose wisely, as you won’t be allowed to change it later, and (if I have anything to say about it) this will be your identity for many years to come.

Important Constellation member info
We won’t start private Constellation beta testing beta 6 until the end of the week, when most of you guys have your icons working, so don’t worry about missing it.

Only about half of the Constellation members have Constellation icons, and are signed up on new mailing list, due to details of the site move. You can get your icon back, and sign back up on the list by following these steps:

Step 1. Click ‘profile’, and change your e-mail address to the e-mail address you donated with (or more accurately, were registered on the old mailing list with). Once you validate this e-mail address, your icon should show up. Be sure to go to the mailing lists page to be sure you’re subscribed to the Constellation list as well.

Step 2. In order for your icon to show up in-game, you’ll need to make sure your SteamID is entered into your profile. You can change it at any time, and changes will be generally take 1-2 hours to propagate to all NS servers.

Step 3. After the Constellation icon shows up in your profile, you’ll want to sign back up on the mailing list. Go to Community -> Mailing lists -> Constellation and click ‘subscribe’. You will ONLY be allowed to subscribe if you have Constellation access, which is indicated by display of the Constellation icon in your profile. Mails sent to the mailing list will always be sent to the e-mail in your profile, so you can easily update that yourself.

Sorry for the inconvenience. If you’re having problems with anything, check the Constellation forum or write us and we can help fix your problem.

This site will form the base for the community for all future games from Unknown Worlds. We think that if you liked NS enough to participate in the community that you’ll enjoy our future work even more. Your account here is meant to last for many years to come.

It’s good to have you with us.