Updated progress and site outage

The Natural Selection web site is moving to a new server. There will be some downtime for the next few days, but everyone should have access to it again by the end of the week (9/21/02) as the DNS propagates. The new server will help make sure the site stays up when Natural Selection is released.

By popular demand, here’s an updated progress report for the status of Natural Selection.

Artwork: 95% done
Finished icon, death message sprites, weapons sprites. Redoing some alien animations and doing some heavy marine animations, assorted small miscellaneous tasks (console background, a couple animated sprites).

Business & legal: 100% done
The last items here won’t hold up the release.

Coding: 96% done
Bug fixes, software compatibility, server performance, scripting Merkaba’s tutorial map.

Design and balance: 97% done
Added droppable heavy armor and jetpacks, this is the last major change.

Maps: 98% done
Level 5 alien movement issues, occasional llama-proofing.

PR and community: 94% done
Web site move, PR blitz, trailer work. Much of this work will happen after gold, and won’t hold up the release.

Sound design: 97% done
Finalize voice actor choices, post-processing on voices, the occasional weapon sound tweak.

World and manual: 93% done
Manual written and layout designed. Still needs proofing, feedback and final layout.

Website: 92% done
New website designed, need to update screenshots section. New ISP chosen, initiating move.

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