Still working!

It must be hard to believe that we’re still working on the site, but it’s true! We’ve been hacked a few times in the past year and each time we just plugged the hole and put the site back up as soon as we could. This time we’re trying to solve the underlying problems completely, and this has meant almost an entire site rewrite.

We’ve made great progress though, and we’re getting very close now! We’ve got almost everything working again, with only a few areas like the galleries and forums needing more work. We considered releasing what we have early, but we wanted to make sure that once we brought the site back up, it stayed up. Have a look at the new site by clicking [file=uwe-newweb.jpg]here[/file].

Another thing we decided to improve during the downtime was our handle/forum naming rules. We’ve relaxed the rules considerably, and now allow names with any number of capital letters and numbers (though we are removing spaces). We are going to allow all members one free handle change, so you can restore your handle and all your old posts to your original handle before the last site upgrade! The main reason we’re doing this is to allow players to retain their identities they use on other services like Xbox Live, Gmail, AOL, etc.

So things are moving, even though they may not look like it from the outside. Hang in there folks, we’ll be back soon, promise! Shortly after we’re back, we’ll give you an update on NS:Source as well…