Site update

As is typical in the world of software development, the ‘few days’ that we thought we needed for upgrading the site has turned into three or four weeks! We’re sorry for the ‘information blackout’ caused by this delay. We’re doing everything we can to make sure the new site functions properly, and that it is open again as soon as possible. The site is now going through a last testing effort by the QA folks to ensure that once we open it, it will stay open. Right now we’re planning to release it around Christmas.

The issues with the new site did not halt development on the actual game, however. NS v3.0 beta 6 continues to be worked on and is looking good, which is why we are at last comfortable with making this announcement: we will soon open the testing to the Constellation members, both to thank them for their continued support, and to help ensure that this release represents a well-balanced and polished gaming experience. We expect to open testing to our donors by the 30th of December, just when everyone’s digestion will have made it possible to control a mouse again.

So what will the Constellation members test? The following is not a ‘complete’ changelog – it excludes minor ‘polish’ items as well as fixes to exploitable gameplay aspects, but it should give you an impression of what we have been working on since the release of NS v3.0 beta 5: [file=changelogs/v30b6-changelog.html]beta 6 changelog[/file].

In case you have questions regarding one of the points above, feel free to contact and ask us directly (NemesisZero or Zunni).

Thanks for your patience and interest, and we’ll see you soon on the new site!