Progress report

For those of you that were confused or angered by the last news update…APRIL FOOL’S! It’s a joke. NS is not becoming a FPS/RTS/RPG. Kidding. Not real. Please, make the e-mails stop!

In other news, NS v1.1 goes into testing for the first time this week. The playtesters will get their hands on it first, and will give all the initial high-level feedback on the new features, the new resource model, etc. Once all the huge problems are out of the way, it will begin playtesting with the newly-formed "veterans" group. This group is made up of the most skilled competitive NS players in the community, along with tournament and ladder organizers, and a few game theorists. Then it will move on to the beta server operators, who will make sure this new version has improved performance, compatibility and is server-friendly.

Together, the playtesters, the veterans, server ops and the NS team will make sure that NS v1.1 plays great in public play, organized play, and everywhere in between.

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