NS v3.2 public beta released

Due to the nature of the balance changes we’re making in NS v3.2, we’ve decided to open up testing in a public beta so we can get more feedback. Installing the beta will not interfere with your current NS install so clan players and others can continue playing without being affected.

There are a lot of changes in v3.2, including four new maps, quite a few interface changes, HLTV improvements and more. The full changelog is here, and we suggest you read it while you download to avoid confusion!

Download Natural Selection v3.2 beta here from one of the links below:

Client full installer: (160 meg)
BitTorrent @ G4B2S.com

Dedicated server full zip: (Server note: Running AMX Mod or other server plugins will have undesirable effects until compatible plugins are released)

Special thanks to playzen.net G4B2S.com, NSPlayer.net and TacticalGamer for their help running servers during our Constellation test.

We are looking forward to your feedback and we hope you enjoy this special build!