NS v1.04 released

Natural Selection version 1.04 is now available, and all servers are encouraged to update. The features and balance have been tweaked extensively, so be sure to read this changelog for the final list of changes.

NS v1.04 includes all the changes in v1.01, v1.02 and v1.03 so only this file must be downloaded and installed to bring the server up to date. Players do not need to download this file unless they want to host their own games.

The next update will be v1.1, and will contain more significant feature updates and new content. NS is just getting started…

Read full changelog.

Download NS v1.04 now from Redphive.org
MD5SUM: e221ffe39e5d7ad0b5d0d7b2f1c890b3
(no other mirrors are needed currently)

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