NS v1.04 in testing

Here’s the change list that is now entering testing for NS v1.04. The contents are subject to change further, but this will likely be very close to contents of the patch:

– Fixed exploit that allowed aliens to look like marines and fire marine weaponry
– Changed max machine gun ammo to 250 (used to be 300, though it would only display 250)
– Fixed commander weapon exploit (using lastinv). Weapon commands in general (drop, switch, last) won’t work for commanders.
– 3rd party entities are never propagated to client (ie, adminmod_ entities). This could fix an occasional crash (thanks Alfred)
– Moved auto-concession on unfair teams into server variable (mp_autoconcede: if set to greater then 0, then if teams are ever different by this many players, that smaller team loses immediately)
– Dead players can now talk to their teammates in both casual and tourny mode (needed to prevent team from getting an advantage by using external voice program in CAL)
– Fixed problem where ammo could be picked up while holding mines
– Aliens without any hives no longer take damage when the server is in tournament mode
– Add more triggers (for Psychostats and 3rd party program support)

– Added "player built x" (for commander and aliens)
– Added "recycled x"
– Added "started research x"
– Added "cancelled research x"

– Fixed visual problem where advanced armory had weird build circle
– Reduced radius of acid rocket splash from 200 to 165
– Reduced shotgun cost from 20 to 17
– Reduced welder damage from 10 to 7

– Increased cost of infantry portal from 15 to 22
– Increased cost of phase gate from 20 to 25
– Decreased health of phase gate from 3500 to 2000
– Increased scan cost from 1 to 3
– Reduced siege cannon range from 1250 to 1100

– The green circle that appears when the siege cannon is selected by the commander is using the old range, but this will be fixed in v1.1.
– This is the value siege range was for most of our internal playtesting (hence the bast and hera issues that suddenly arrived with v1.0)

– Siege cannon targets now must be sighted to be hit (in view of friendly player or scanned by commander)
– Hives now spawn with full health instead of having to heal up to full health on spawn
– Fix bug where advanced turret factories don’t have full health
– The advanced armory now has 2400 health instead of 1500 (same as regular armory, this is a fixed bug, not a balance change)
– Fixed bug where tournament mode caused some damage to be reduced more then it should be (acid rocket vs. any alien structures)
– Fixed bug where hive would sometimes play wound sound/animation when it got hit but didn’t take damage
– Removed lingering "organic" damage type for acid rocket and spore cloud (fixes bug where acid rocket wasn’t doing damage properly to organic structures)
– Aliens no longer donate their points back to their team resource pool when they leave the team (exploitable)
– Fixed non-visible motion sensor and proximity "blips" (linux only)
– Defense chambers no longer heal themselves

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