NS 3.0 is done!

It’s finally ready. NS 3.0 (final) will be released to the public on Saturday, March 5th. If you would like to mirror any files after we release, submit your mirrored file here (link removed temporarily).

Thus, we conclude a long and colorful product cycle with a as we believe very worthy batch of features and updates. For details, read the [file=changelogs/v30-changelog.html]changelog[/file] since NS 3.0 Beta 5.

The development of 3.0 saw a number of personnel changes on the extended team. We’d like to take the opporunity to thank Max "maxwell" McGuire, Spencer "voogru" MacDonald, Tom "ElvenThief" Grim, as well as the trainees, contributors, testers, and other volunteers we worked with during this version’s development, including those who had to move on.

We, specifically myself, would also like to thank Greg "Wither" in den Berken and Jim "JazzX" Olson for taking over on managing the Playtester program, as well as Nicolas "Marik_Steele" Winocur for taking the community management position, thus allowing me to concentrate on my role as project manager on the NS team.

Special thanks go to NiteOwl, whom we have to thank for our outstanding new manual (to be released shortly).

NS 3.0 is in many ways an end to an era and marks a reorientation of big parts of our development procedure. As a first marker of this, I’d like to welcome Petter "tankefugl" Roennigen on the team. Petter, an outstanding programmer, and first of a number of trainees to become a full developer, will help us in creating the future of Natural Selection.

It’s been a crazy ride so far and we’re just getting started. We’re glad to have you with us.