NS 2.01 instead

There has been a bit of confusion surrounding the next release of NS. NS 2.1 is taking longer then originally thought, so we’re going to delay it a bit, and release a server-side 2.01 soon instead. 2.01 has many of changes that 2.1 was going to have, but we thought it was important to get fixes for exploits and balance as soon as possible.

NS 2.01 has now entered a public beta, and any server ops are free to run it, and provide feedback. Head over to the public beta forum (no longer available) to download it. It is available for both win32 and linux. There may still be big problems with this build, so please don’t run it if you’re not comfortable running beta software.

Note: only server operators will need to download this patch. Everyone else will see these changes just by connected to any 2.01 server.

NS 2.01 changes include:
– If an Onos redeems while digesting a player, the player is left behind
– Changed "lastinv" so that it’s preserved between upgrade gestations
– Resupplying at armory only goes into reserve (addresses end-game grenade spam at marine start)
– Made offense chambers less accurate against fast-moving targets (jetpackers)
– Marine resource tower cost lowered from 20 to 15
– Aliens are now able to walk slowly when cloaked via the cloaking upgrade (allowing them to sneak past turrets, and even build and use buttons while cloaked)
– If you get disconnected while playing aliens, and you rejoin, your resources will be preserved
– Read the [file=changelogs/v201-changelog.html]full changelog here[/file]

Sorry for the confusion, and have fun with 2.01! We hope to release the final version officially as soon as the end of the week. Enjoy!

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