New site

If you can read this, you’ve made it to the new Natural Selection website. It may not look a lot different, but we have new forums and a new provider, so everything should run much faster. You’ll have to recreate your account on the forums, but if you ask nicely, MonsieurEvil or Flayra will restore your post count to your old count on the previous forums. The old forums will be made read-only and in the near future, we will bring over all the old messages to the new forums as well, so the NS history that was made there will never be forgotten. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask our forum moderators, Moleculor and Spyder-Monkey.

If you see any broken links or other strange occurrences, there’s no need to report them yet. There could be a few problems as everything is propagated over, but if you still see errors after a few days, feel free to let us know. Enjoy the faster and more full-featured forums!

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