New Natural Selection Mapper Build in 24 hours

It’s finally official. The NS team will be releasing a new mapper’s technology build in 24 hours! Once again, this build is for mapper’s only, and contains nothing fun at all. This is not a playable version of NS. However, it does contain lots of essential tools for community mappers who are working on Natral Selection, including the long-awaited Commander Mode v2.0. This build contains lots of new stuff, including:

Easy-to-use, more efficient, Commander Mode v2.0
New env_fog entity
Updated particle editing (compatibility fixes)
Updated mapping guidelines and NS mapping documentation
New func_resource entity (docs to come shortly)
New and updated sample maps
Merl’s NS map tools based off of ZHLT
Half-life Protocol 3.0
Hull support
Select artwork for checking map dimensions

The file size is 35 megs. Check back Monday the 24th, 9pm EST for the link.

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