New mapping .wad released

After many months of work, Cory "Squeal Like a Pig" Strader presents to the mapping community a massive new texture set for use for NS maps! He has created nearly 300 new hand-painted textures, which will form the basis of a fresh new look for NS. The upcoming NS v2.1 patch will include these textures (many of the new Combat maps and NS maps use these). This download is only for people actively creating NS maps, and the file can be found in the NS mapping forums (check the FAQ).

Here are a few screenshots showing some of these luscious textures in action.

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Work continues on NS v2.1, and we are now actively testing in Steam. VALVe has pledged to make NS officially available on Steam, so it will automatically update itself, and give you all the advantages that Steam provides! It will also include the hot new Combat game mode (see previous news post below), many new maps, 3rd-person reload animations, and more. It is under heavy testing now, and will be released shortly.

We also have a little surprise in store for our Constellation members, coming shortly. Stay tuned guys, you should be receiving e-mail soon.

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