Natural Selection: Combat announced

The NS Team is starting to explore new gameplay modes for NS, especially ones to work with small numbers of inexperienced players. So it’s our pleasure to announce that we’re starting development on "Natural Selection: Combat"!

Natural Selection: Combat is a fast and furious alternate NS gameplay mode, where waves of marines and aliens fight each other in a short timed game. Players are rewarded for kills by gaining access to better equipment, upgrades, abilities or lifeforms. A team wins if it has a higher combined level when the time elapses, or manages to kill the entire team at once. This gameplay mode should excel with small numbers of players, even ones with no experience with NS’ commander mode, tech tree or resource model. The team is just starting development on this mode, and we hope to include it in NS v2.1. Got comments?

If you would like to create a map for this game type, or if you want to get more information on this upcoming mode, the [file=Mapping_Guidelines.html]Mapping Guidelines[/file] have been updated to v2.1.2 with more information (see Appendix C). We are looking for a map or two to test this gameplay as soon as possible, so be sure to send your work to the team.

In v2.01 news, there is one remaining issue with bile bomb, that is about to start testing. Once we see that the problem has been resolved, we will announce the release of 2.01 everyone. NS v2.01 definitely represents the best NS yet.

In Steam news, there is still a lot of confusion in regards to NS and WON ids. We are working with VALVe to get NS officially on Steam as soon as possible. Look for an announcement shortly.

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