Natural Selection 3.2 Release: Friday March 2nd @ 4pm PST

We are excited to announce that we are releasing version 3.2 this Friday. Our good friends over at are going to throw a release party with many great events planned, including the long awaited reunion of "The Show" and an interview with Charlie and Max. The party kicks off five hours before launch, so be sure to tune in at 11am PST (19:00 GMT) to catch it all!

We have really enjoyed the public beta and are very grateful to the server communities and leagues that took part and made the effort to provide feedback and report bugs. This isn’t the end of the line for 3.2 development as we will continue to tune the game in the upcoming 3.2.x patches.

Join us all in #nsradio on release night to share in the collective madness of an nsradio hosted party!

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