Mapping guidelines, 1.1 playtesting

The [file=Mapping_Guidelines.html]NS mapping guidelines[/file] have been totally reworked and updated. Much of the overall content is the same, but the many of the entities have been updated with the changes in 1.01 through 1.04 and it’s much easier to read now. Many thanks to the hard-working and competent XP-Cagey for taking the initiative on this.

Playtesting on v1.1 has begun. The playtesters had two marathon sessions, Friday night and Sunday afternoon and evening. Sensories cloaked, factories electrified, servers purred, commanders organized a new battle plan, and Oni raged and devoured. NS has shown us a new, better, side.

Please be patient as the bugs are fixed and the game balance is thoroughly analyzed and tested. In the meantime, check the General forums for updates and screenshots.

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