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June Post-Mortem

Each month, the Unknown Worlds office hosts the ‘Post-Mortem,’ an opportunity for bay area developers to get together and talk all things games. People show off prototypes, share their latest ideas, and discuss design, business, programming and art.

Unknown Worlds

How many game developers does it take to drain four kegs?

This week, Tim Keenan was showing off a prototype of ‘The Last Shadow,’ and Marc Bosch brought his mind-bendingly awesome Miegakure. Here’s a video from NS2HD featuring the latter:


The Last Shadow proved a popular multi-player challenge, and a competition sprang up. Naturally, he won it, because it’s a fiendishly tricky, skill-based game!

Unknown Worlds

Tim talks competitors through the controls of his prototype, ‘The Last Shadow’

Another regular feature of the night is the ‘micro-talk,’ in which volunteers get up and spiel on a topic of their choice. Amongst indie studios, it is very common for artists, programmers, producers, and anyone else but a ‘PR department’ to be put in public speaking situations. For example, showing the press a game at E3, performing on-camera interviews at PAX, or narrating developer update videos. Impromtu ‘micro-talks’ at the UWE Post-Mortem are great practice for these situations. Here are the talks from this week:

Tim Keenan: Your Inner Director


Ian Slutz: Enemy Design Checklist


Hugh Jeremy: Twitter Ramblings


Natasha Clarke: Legal Use of Art


Thankyou Brian for organising this month’s event!

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