Unknown Worlds Microtalks

July Post-Mortem

On July 30th the Unknown Worlds office played host to another Post-Mortem: Monthly get-togethers for game developers. The July event was jam packed, and featured six microtalks for six clever cookies.


Unknown Worlds Microtalks

All six talks are available in this playlist.

The topics were:

Brian Cronin“Gyroscopic Stabilisers”
Rob Jagnow“Implicit Surfaces”
Mike Ackerman“Art, More than a Skin”
Tim Conkling“Flump”
Sean Colombo“Turn Based AI in the Wild”
Ryan Williams“Game Development Curriculum”

As always, interesting game-play prototypes made appearances after the talks.

Unknown Worlds Steve An Leap Motion1

Steve getting ragey with a Macbook screen

One clever piece of tech being shown off was the Leap Motion controller. Software engineer Pohung Chen brought one down, and let everyone play through a game he had created.

Unknown Worlds Leap Motion

The Leap Motion controlled resting below a users hand

You can use the Leap Motion controller to manipulate objects in the game using your hand. For example, grab a block, and then throw it at any enemy.

Unknown Worlds Stephen Altamirano Umbra Cram

Umbra Cram by Stephen Altamirano

Elsewhere in the office, Stephen Altamirano showed off ‘Umbra Cram’ and Jason Lentz demo’d an early version of his new game Shard.

Until next time, happy creating! If you are a game developer, aspiring, budding or experienced and are interested in attending the UWE Post Mortem, contact @BrianNumberOne!

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