Home stretch

As we prepare for our summer release, the team is madly running around trying to finish stuff up. Given the recent outburst of forum posts about the game’s progress, here’s a quick summary of the work that’s left to do.

Artwork: 87% done
Level 3 animations and marine animations, one or two marine Structures, shotgun skin, welder skin, some weapon world models.

Business & legal: 90% done
Purchase a few licenses, finalize trademark.

Coding: 92% done
Many bug fixes, nicer projectiles, better software and D3D compatibility, record game, server performance, tutorial/help.

Design and balance: 95% done
This will continue to evolve, but is essentially good enough as it is.

Maps: 93% done
Level 5 alien movement issues, some lighting issues.

PR and community: 91% done
Ability to handle increased traffic on site and forums, PR blitz, potential trailer.

Sound design: 95% done
Voice-overs needed, a few minor sound tweaks.

World and manual: 80% done
Online manual needs to be finished, and layed out.

Website: 85% done
Update screenshots section, add a new introduction or other cinematic piece, potential facelift.

If you notice a lack of updates or screenshots, this is the reason. Please be patient as the team buckles down and tries to finish making the game you always wanted to play…

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